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 Work in progress Level/Eve system

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PostSubject: Work in progress Level/Eve system   Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:55 am

Now, let's start with this said:
I posted this in Suggestions first, because I feel that it should be agreed upon. I'm posting a rough draft. Anyone is welcome to tell me if anything is wrong, needs fixing, is missing, etc.

Leveling UP/Evolving

Leveling Up:
I wikipedia'd it, and their system for leveling is way to complicated, so we're going to use constants. Here's how it works, each level requires a set amount of experience points. The more you train, fight, stay active, the more experience you get and the more powerful your pokemon are.

The levels:
Basically here's how it goes. The starting level for any pokemon is 5. At level five you need 2,500 experience to get to level 6. At level 6 it will cost you 3,000. Basically you take the level you're trying to obtain, multiply it by 1,000 and then divide it by two. This increases the needed experience needed each level, making it increasingly more difficult for you to level up, but not terribly difficult. So here's how it looks in list form.

5 = 0-2,500
6 = 2,500-5,500
7 = 5,500-9,000
8 = 9,000-13,000
9 = 13,000-17,500
10 = 17,500-22,500.


The Experience:
You can gain experience in multiple ways. The easiest is just to remain active. You can also battle other pokemon, or train with them in topics.

The amount of experience you gain is determined by the length of your training topic, as well as the quality. For each 200 words given you'll gain 100 experience points. This can be broken up into multiple posts in your topic, or one big post, whichever you're more comfortable with. However, please remember that you need to keep up the quality throughout, a moderator will go over it to judge if the quality is worthy of reward.

Battle experience is a little more complicated, so I'm going to break it down into pieces.

Winning the Battle:
If you win the battle, you get experience depending on a few things. Length of the battle, level difference, and level of the opposing pokemon. You also have a chance at what I like to call "Skill Bonus" which I will describe later.

Experience determined by Length:

1-2 posts - 200 exp.
3-5 posts - 150 exp.
6-9 posts - 100 exp.
10+ posts - 50 exp.

Experience determined by Level Difference:
6+ levels lower - 0. Shame on you, bully.
5 levels lower - 5
4 levels lower - 10
3 levels lower - 15
2 levels lower - 20
1 level lower - 25
Same level - 50
1 level higher - 60
2 levels higher - 65
3 levels higher - 70
4 levels higher - 75
5 levels higher - 80
6+ levels higher - 150

Experience by Level Group:
5-10 - 400
11-20 - 500
21-30 - 600

Losing the Battle:
You still get experience, just not as much. Basically you get a tenth of the "Experience by Level Group" experience for your level.

Skill Bonus:
This is a little extra I felt was necessary for rewarding those who might not be the best at fighting, but tried really, really hard. When a moderator is determining the experience given at a battle's end, they will look over the fight. If they find that one or both of the trainers showed exemplary effort, or roleplay skill, regardless of winning or loosing, they will be given a 1,000 exp. bonus. This doesn't happen in every battle, it's for special occasions.


Evolving is the easy part. You can go to Bulbapedia and look up at what level your pokemon evolves, or what required circumstances. Stones can be bought in the Mart that we will soon have, buyable by money earned by roleplaying. Special item evolutions, like Rhydon, have a special way of going about it on this forum.

The Guru:

Meet the Guru!
The Guru is a master of evolutions, and has a soft spot for Eevee and its forms. If you have a pokemon that requires a trade or special item/circumstance not provided already (eg. Rhydon, Duskull, etc.) he will help you out. He will fight you with the pokemon you're trying to obtain, and if you prove your worth he'll evolve your pokemon for you. A moderator will play the Guru in the fight, and make the judgements. You don't need to win, just prove that you've got the skill to handle such a high-level pokemon.

For example, so there is no confusion:

I have Rhydon! YUSS! >D Now I want a Rhyperior, though D=
So, like any smart trainer, I got to talk to the expert in these matters: The Guru.
"Prove you've got the stuff, kid. Then I'll help you out." He says, so we decide to settle it the only way I know how: A pokemon battle.
I pit my Rhydon against his Rhyperior, in a contest of skill. Even though the Rhyperior and The Guru crushed me, he thinks I've got potential, so he takes my Rhydon for a little bit, and when he comes back it's evolved(magicccc).

=The Team=
Anja - Arlo - Mimmer
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Work in progress Level/Eve system
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