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 Battle System

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PostSubject: Battle System   Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:21 am

Thank You Delz!

Battle System:

Alright, so this system is going to be a mixture of the video games and the show. You control both your pokemon and your character in battle, and have the option of performing complicated maneuvers that one couldn't do in the game. Like, say, having your pokemon jump on top of the other before using an attack to increase its chance of hitting. Every attack does damage, every pokemon has health. All environmental damage has a set amount it can deal. These will be outlined later in this topic.

The Battle Itself:

This battle should be roleplayed out like any other battle. Except for a few things. You may only use attacks your pokemon knows, and they have to make sense. You can't use a diglet in a completely water filled area like a pool and they tell it to use dig. If this kind of thing occurs, the move will be voided. Battles are post by post, and should be of decent quality.

Bad example:
diglet uses scrach 0n squertls fase.

-Length is horrendous. No one lines.

-Grammar is important, use it.

-Leet speak makes me angry.

-Use details.

Good example:
"Diglett, use scratch!" Billy shouted, hoping that this time his devious ally would listen. Luckily, for the both of them, he did. The Diglett charged its opponent, reaching the little Squirtle with ease. Claws broke the surface of the earth, raking slashing toward the turtle. Billy clenched his jaw, waiting, full of suspense, hoping the attack would land.

-Length is better. We don't expect novels, but more than two lines is usually what we aim for.

-Grammar is good.

-Proper spelling.

-Sensible actions.

-Doesn't automatically claim the hit.

Those were examples of posts. Strive for the latter, not the former.


Each pokemon has stats, which will help determine the damage dealt. Those stats are found in each individual character's application, under the "Stats" section. You'll be using a damage calculator to determine the amount of damage a hit can land.

The above link will lead you to it.

Critical Hits, Status Effects?:
Critical Hits and attacks that have a chance to cause status effects, like poison, can't happen every time. That's why we're incorporating a dice system. If you're using an attack, just click the "Reply to topic" button, to pull up the reply box that has a dice option. You can then click on the drop down list and select the dice that fits the situation.

Critical Hits:

For normal attacks you must roll an 18-20 to land a critical with your hit. For attacks with a high critical hit ratio, you have to roll a 16-20.

Status Effects:
For attacks that have a chance(meaning like needle punch, not poison powder) of creating a status effect, you must roll a 10.

Environmental Damage:
This means like if they hit a wall, or something like that. For this attack, simply put your attack as "tackle" and leave both attack and defense as '1'
NOTE: Environmental Damage stacks. Meaning that if Pikachu gets knocked into the ceiling, hits the floor, and gets hit by two chunks of rock that fell on it, it takes four environmental hits.

Multiple Strike Attacks:
Bullet Seed, Pin Missile, Fury Swipes, they all exist. The amount of strikes can be determined by selecting the "Mult. Atk." Die. It's 1-5 sides, meaning that whatever you roll you hit that many times. Two is the minimum, if you roll a 1 it counts as a two.

Extraordinary Occurrences:
A member brought this up, and I felt it should be added in. In case of extraordinary occurrences (a la Thunder Armour from the episode in which Ash battles the Psychic Twins from Third Generation) moderators will determine how best to calculate the damage. In most cases, however, it will simply count as a critical hit automatically. You have a chance to land another critical with it, however, if you still roll an 18-20.

For any damage done, take the average damage, instead of the minimum or maximum.

A Side Note: Wild Pokemon

Wild pokemon will always be around, and always be around 2 levels of your own pokemon((unless you specifically ask for a higher or lower level)). Wild pokemon are RP'ed by staff, and chosen by staff. You must PM a staff member if you are in a topic in which you want a wild pokemon to appear. Do not ask for a specific pokemon, as it will be chosen by staff. The pokemon has to correspond logically with the environment, we won't have a Goldeen in a desert or a Baltoy in the Ocean.


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PostSubject: Re: Battle System   Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:15 am


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Battle System
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