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 Yusaru Maruishi -WIP-

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PostSubject: Yusaru Maruishi -WIP-   Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:29 am

Basic Character Information

Name: Yusaru Maruishi
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Personality: Yusaru is a rather arrogant trainer. From Sunnyshore City, he headed to Unova to get his starter, he has since travelled through Kanto but for only a short amount of time. However, he is not a caring trainer, what he wants from his Pokémon is pure power and the trainers he faces to be strong. Yusaru is also known to release his Pokémon if he deems them weak or useless.
Alignment: Neutral
Money: 1,500
Comedy: N/A
Trainer Class: Rival
Traits: N/A
Home: Region: Sinnoh Town: Sunnyshore City
Goal: Be the greatest trainer ever
History: Yusaru was born in Sunnyshore City of the Sinnoh Region. Growing up, he was always around pokemon. The reason behind his current attitude is due to this. His mother was the gym leader of another region called Archella. Her name was Arianna. His father was known as Butch who was born and raised in Sunnyshore City. Yusaru hated pokemon due to an attack made on him when he was out with his pokemon. He called the pokemon weak for not being able to protect him so he released it.
Yusaru is currently in the Kanto Region. He is wanting to beat the champion of the region and will do whatever he can to do so.

Your Pokemons Information

Name: Poka
Species: Fire Pig Pokémon
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Ability: Blaze
* Tackle
* Tail Whip
Type: Fire
Obtained From: Got from father whom was in Unova travelling with his mother.
Personality: Brave
HP Atk Def Spec Atk Spec Def Spd
23 13 11 11 11 9
Item/s: N/A

Pokétch: An advanced wrist device designed for trainers. This standard version is able to hold ten Apps at a time, call up to five registered contacts, tune into the regional radio broadcast, and runs off of a battery which is charged by walking.
Phone List: [You may register trainers here. You can do that by meeting them out in the RP and if they agree to your request, put there name down here.
Applications: [You start out with one, only after you get your app. There will be random people in the RP who will be appointed to give you the apps]

PokéDex (Feel free to remove the description) An invaluable tool for Pokemon Trainers. It contains information on every discovered Pokémon and some on Pokémon of legend. By simply pointing the device at a Pokémon, it gives background information on its habitat, activities in the wild, attacks, and method of evolution; at other times it gives other bits of information on the Pokémon's history or anatomy.
Poké Ball x5


Grey Marians Team
Snivy Level 5 Oshawott Level 5

Yusaru Maruishi's Team
Poka Level 6 Needle Level 3
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Yusaru Maruishi -WIP-
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