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 Dylan Humphrey

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PostSubject: Dylan Humphrey   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:42 pm

Name: Dylan Humphrey

Age: 13

Sex: male

Personality: quiet, shy, serious, timid/cowardly

Position: good

Date of Birth: May 13

Pokedollars: 1,000


Trainer Class: Beginning Trainer

Appearance: Spiky brown hair, thin build, bright blue eyes, White button-up shirt and black pants

Traits: carries around a sketch book and pencils

Home: Johto

Goal: To change his personality and become more assertive

History: Born in Goldenrod City, Dylan was never really comfortable with the city life. He never really went out of his way to make a lot of friends and was content to being alone. He kept himself busy with his drawing hobby, his favorite thing to draw were the Pokemon in the city. He had always had this fascination with Pokemon and wanted to travel the world to get to see more of them. Unfortunately, his timid personality prevented him from going out and live this dream. Working up every ounce of courage he could, he finally takes his first steps out of the city and begins his journey as a Pokemon Trainer.


Species: Gligar
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Moves:Poison Sting, Sand-Attack
Type: Ground/Flying
Obtained From:Professor Elm
Personality: Brave
Stats: HP:23 ATK:15 DEF:17 SPEC ATK:10 SPEC DEF:13 SPD:13
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PostSubject: Re: Dylan Humphrey   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:50 pm



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Dylan Humphrey
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