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 A New Story (All Welcome)

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Senetue Hirona


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PostSubject: A New Story (All Welcome)   Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:31 am

It is well known that the beginning to every story always begins in a peaceful way and this story doesn't stray so far from that known ideal of what the true beginning is. The day was as most days would be in this little subtle town where the beginning of seemingly every beginner Pokemon Train is as the sun seemed to hang directly over the town with little overcast in the blue yonder. Some would pray for some shade at the time of day, being the middle of the day it was the hottest part of the day, while others seemed to move around outside working on the various little gardens that many houses in Pallet Town had. Though a young boy was slowly moving down one of the streets, a oddly shaped case in his right hand as he carried it with ease while he slowly made his way towards the boarder of the town, a yellow mouse pokemon laid on his head lazily as he moved. "Pika~" Were the words it muttered as the trained walked, a small chuckle coming from the trainer as he reached up and rubbed at the head of the pokemon who only responded by raising it's head slightly and rub it's head back against his hand. "Well Ziggy... Today is the day we start our journey as a team." Senetue said, smiling widely as he had been looking forward to this day for about six years now and he was glad that he was going to be traveling with such a nice partner who was of the type class that he absolutely adored so much. He had made quite the journey just to get to Pallet Town, having snaked through the landscape from Vermillion City so he could meet the professor of the region and get a hold of his first pokemon that he would, from this point, spend the rest of his life with. "Pika! Pika pi." The Pikachu spoke, it's voice was squeaky as it spoke while it shifted on top of Senetue's head and it's tail wagged side to side as Senetue made his way across the path, stopping at the point where he would need to travel through some high grass to continue. "I'm kind of afraid to go on... I don't know what lies ahead and I'm not looking forward to the failures that we will more then likely have. But I certainly wont give up and I'm going to make sure that you and me become the most well known team to ever grace any region!" Senetue said, his left hand clenched into a fist in front of his chest as his eyes expressed the fires of determination to become not only one of the best Pokemon Trainers to exist but also the best musician.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Story (All Welcome)   Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:05 am

The alarm clock rang. The teen woke up, slamming it down. Landano woke up and looked around his room in his aunt and uncles house in Pallet town. About a month ago, he told his parents he wanted to leave fuchsia city and start where most kids started their pokemon raising lives. So, here he was, in the spare room of his Aunt Marie and Uncle Frank's home. Everything he needed was in the backpack near the for a few things. There was the notepad he had with a checklist.

1)Get a starter pokemon (He REALLY needed to work on that one)
2)Catch 5 others and train them (Step A's required)
3)Defeat Kanto Gym Leaders (A and B required)

Next to the list was a framed picture, framed in gold was a picture of Sabrina, the Gym Leader who's feats of intelligance and ability had infatuated Landano since he first heard of her. It was a personal goal he would meet herand....moving on.

He looked in the mirror. His blonde hair was too short to fall too far into both eyes, but it did fall into one, which he casually brushed away. He sighed and got changed for arguably the biggest day in his life. He walked down to the kitchen where Marie was waiting to say good-bye. As he walked past, he rubbed an Espeon on the head and stroked the back of an Umbreon, his aunt's and uncle's respectivly. As he walked by, his aunt stopped him.

Landano wait. Me and your uncle Frank have a gift for you On the table was an egg, beautiful brown with a white part all around. He went to pick it up and it, it began to glow. Soon it had formed into an Eevee, brown with a white collar. Landano stared in amazement Sh...she's She's your's, dear. You need a starter, after all. But she's Claire and brenden's child, so take care of her.

(Is it okay that my eevee's shiny?)

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Senetue Hirona


Pokédollars : 1555
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PostSubject: Re: A New Story (All Welcome)   Mon Dec 06, 2010 8:36 am

(( I believe you have to put that through with Takai before you can just openly state that your Eevee is a shiny. ))

Senetue had remained in the same spot, his pose had softened to just standing there really while his brown eyes stared out through the tall grass, unsure if he wanted to continue moving on as he was afraid of running into a wild pokemon or another trainer and having to battle them while ending up hurting his brand new Pikachu. The idea of hurting such a brilliant and wonderful pokemon was outright out of the question for he didn't want people to believe that he was a bad trainer because he allowed his pokemon to get hurt. He had found himself, after some time, subconsciously grabbing Ziggy from his head and holding him a little bit away from his body while his mind began to rapidly move through different ideals. Already his hand shifted so one hand had it's finger's underneath the pokemon's arms and the other was slowly running down the pokemon's back. "Pi-ka~" Was the only noise Ziggy could make as he enjoyed the feeling of something running against his body and more particularly his fur. Ziggy wasn't as much as a strand still as Senetue as he was a brave pokemon despite his seemingly lazy attitude which is shown by lounging about on top of Senetue's head but he was willing to get hurt if it meant getting stronger. It wasn't until about a minute after Ziggy spoke that Senetue stepped out of his daze, looking down at the pokemon he was petting before his other hand took hold of one side of the Pikachu's body and brought it close. From there Senetue began to rub his face against Ziggy's gently, Ziggy responding by rubbing back as he made a happy little sound. "Pika-pi." Ziggy said, his voice having confidence while enjoying the attention that Senetue was giving him already before begin set on the ground Senetue began to walk, stepping through the grass as Ziggy followed close, his tail wagging left to right with ever step and his tail was pretty much the only visible thing.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Story (All Welcome)   

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A New Story (All Welcome)
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