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 Apps Shop

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PostSubject: Apps Shop   Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:36 am

Pokewatch Applications

The normal Pokewatch can only store up six application including the first three.

Calculator Application:
Here you can do any basic mathematical operation.
Available from the start.

Contacts Application:
Heres where you can store any of your friends number to contact them.
Available from the start.

Stopwatch Application:
It tells you how much time has passed.
Available from the start.

Flashlight Applicatiion:
The pokewatch emits a bright light to light on your surrounding.
Cost 100€

Leads you to useful things. No measurements.
Cost 500€

Level Checker Application:
This Applications lets you know the level of any pokémon that you desire.
Cost: 500€

MP3 Application:
This application lets you store music and hear it while traveling or in a battle.
Cost: 500€

Health Checker Application:
This application lets you see if the health of your pokémon or any other pokémon you desire to know the health of.
Cost: 1,000€

Itemfinder 2:
Leads you to useful things. Measures possible rarity of item, not guaranteed to be exact.
Cost 1500€ (1000€ with Itemfinder)

PC Transfer Application
This application lets you deposit and withdraw any pokémon while traveling and it can be used during battle.

Tv Application
This Application lets you watch your favorite programs transmitted in the Elix Region.

Mail Application
This Application lets you sent Mails to your friends.
Cost: 500€

Coin Toss Aplication
You can Toss a coin in this application. The face is a Butterfree and the Tail is the name Elix.

Non Applications

Color Change:
This is where you can change the color of your pokewatch if your tired of the old color.
Cost: 100€

Customize Pokewatch:
In here you can customize your pokewatch, to add symbols for example flames on both side of the pokewatch.

Pokewatch X
The Pokewatch X is the latest version of Pokewatches. It stores up until ten applications. It also has a new function to called your contacts. This new Pokewatch projects holograms of your friend in the so called video calls.
Cost: 5,000€


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Apps Shop
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