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 Lenoid, The Trainer

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PostSubject: Lenoid, The Trainer   Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:31 am

Basic Character Information

Name: Leonid Cavaldi
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Personality: Leonid is known for being a very quiet person. Not a shy person by any stretch, simply quiet. He doesn't use his voice often, and only when he has something very important to say. Otherwise, he wouldn't even bother with mincing words. He is an ambitious trainer, seeking to claim a badge from every Gym that has been built and established a reputation in the Pokemon World. Everything Leonid does revolves around pokemon. Be it studying Pokemon, reading trainer magazines, watching Pokemon battles on the television, going to Pokemon Contests and Tournaments, Raising his Pokemon, Battling Pokemon, or Catching new ones. It consumes his life. That's not to say that he doesn't have other interests, he's simply found a way to incorporate his other interests into pokemon. He is a fan of Martial Arts, and often trains with his pokemon in that very field. He also loves music, both playing and listening to it. Because of this, at night before they all go to sleep, Leonid will play a song for his pokemon on his guitar. He is also a very big fan of poetry and prose, as well as history. He reads about pokemon history, or books and poems involving pokemon, and even occasionally writes his own.
Alignment: I would say that he's good.
Money: 1,500]
Comedy: I'm not sure there is anything about him that makes him funny.
Trainer Class: Black Belt
Traits: Martial Artist, Philosopher.
Home: Kanto, Saffron City
Goal: To beat every reputable gym in the world.
History: Leonid has led a mostly uninteresting life. He grew up in a family of indifferent people. His sister was really the only one who cared much about the rest of them, and she was off training to become a Gym Leader one day. She left him with a baby Mankey she had bred just before she left. With her gone, life was pretty lonely. Not many children lived in the City, and even fewer of them were interested in the same things as him. So, Leonid turned to the Fighting Dojo by the Saffron City Gym. He went there to train, and was instantly accepted as family. There he trained both in the arts of pokemon battles and in Martial Arts. He would never battle with his sister's pokemon, though. They continued to tell him that the Mankey was just too young. So, he trained with their pokemon, and learned everything he could.

At the age of fifteen he met possibly the only other person in the entire City around his age that was as dedicated to pokemon as he was. They instantly hit it off, despite the extreme difference in their Pokemon philosophies. He was a hardcore Fighting-Type trainer. She was training at the Saffron City's official Gym as a Psychic type trainer. Still, for a year they were the best of friends. Until, at the age of Sixteen, they both decided that they knew enough to make it on their own. They went their separate ways in search of new pokemon with which they could challenge the Pokemon Gyms and make names for themselves.

Your Pokemons Information
Name: Lara
Species: Mankey
Gender: Female
Level: 5
Ability: Vital Spirit
- Scratch
- Low Kick
- Leer
- Focus Energy
Type: Fighting
HP: 20
Atk: 12
Def: 10
Spc Atk: 11
Spc Def: 11
Speed: 13


Pokétch: An advanced wrist device designed for trainers. This standard version is able to hold ten Apps at a time, call up to five registered contacts, tune into the regional radio broadcast, and runs off of a battery which is charged by walking.
Color: Red
Phone List: [You may register trainers here. You can do that by meeting them out in the RP and if they agree to your request, put there name down here.
Applications: [You start out with one, only after you get your app. There will be random people in the RP who will be appointed to give you the apps]

PokéDex (Feel free to remove the description) An invaluable tool for Pokemon Trainers. It contains information on every discovered Pokémon and some on Pokémon of legend. By simply pointing the device at a Pokémon, it gives background information on its habitat, activities in the wild, attacks, and method of evolution; at other times it gives other bits of information on the Pokémon's history or anatomy.
Poké Ball x5
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PostSubject: Re: Lenoid, The Trainer   Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:56 am



Grey Marians Team
Snivy Level 5 Oshawott Level 5

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Lenoid, The Trainer
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