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 Amalie Aurelius [Finished]

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PostSubject: Amalie Aurelius [Finished]   Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:10 am

Basic Character Information

Name: Amalie Aurelius
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Personality: Words, ideas and possibilities spew effortlessly from Amalie. Words are her best friends. She dances around ideas, the more, the merrier. Imaginative, spontaneous, original and enthusiastic, she has a knack for seeing other possibilities, other dreams and options. The world is never as it is but as it could be, as if it were but an artists sketch begging for colour. Amalie initiates change and is often prone to trespassing a few known boundaries to take herself and others where no one has been before. The status quo tends to lack inspiration.

When inspired, she is fearless and tireless. Her energy will know no limits unless red tape takes over. Routine drags her down. Her faith in possibilities and belief in the benefit of change often inspire others to follow. She is challenging, ingenious and innovative. She will give her best to what appears to be an impossible challenge, a place unknown to man or beast.

Amalie uses metaphors, stories, images and analogies to make her point. She loves theories and often shapes her own. She sees patterns emerging. Being a keen improviser, she is rarely caught off guard, there is always something up her sleeve. The sky is the only limit.

Amelie is sometimes an entertainer, artist or otherwise engaged in public demonstrations that allow her ideas to bloom. Her greatest difficulty is not in initiating projects, but in choosing among so many possibilities, setting realistic boundaries, establishing priorities and correctly assessing resources.

Alignment: Neutral
Money: 1,500
Trainer Class: Trainer
Traits: Her incredible power and the tendency to never give up.
Home: Sinnoh, Sunnyshore City
Goal: To travel the world in order to find rare pokemon and to meet new people.
Amalie was born in Sinnoh, Sunnyshore City. Her parents were pokemon breeder so she grew up around them. Amalie had a natural affinity to music and art; Since she was young she was writing poems which expressed her feelings. She learned how to play the piano and started observing her parents in their work. She was learning from them about the different species that existed and got to know most of them because of her parents. Amalie had a lot of friends and enjoyed playing with them. However, her only passion was playing with pokemon. She would always take a pokemon and try to teach it new attacks or tricks. When Amalie turned ten, she was supposed to have her own pokemon so she could become a pokemon trainer. However, her parents didn't let her. They didn't want her to travel the world all by herself, as they deemed her way too young for that. Amalie watched as her friends got their pokemons and went off into the big world which Amalie wanted to discover so much. She became lonely and a bit depressed but her work with the pokemon was helping her to keep hopes up. her parents promised her to allow her to leave, once she had turned seventeen.

When Amalie turned fifteen, she was given her own first pokemon; A Vulpix. Her parents had noticed that their daughter had taken a special interest in Vulpix' so they gave her a newborn. Amalie was spending all her time with her Vulpix, and even gave it a name. On her 17th birthday, Amalie left her home so she could travel the world. Her parents didn't want her to go, but they knew that their daughter wouldn't listen either way; Besides, they had promised it.

Your Pokemons Information
Name: Elanor
Species: Vulpix
Gender: Female
Level: 5
Ability: Flash Fire
-Tail Whip
Type: Fire
Personality: Mild
*HP; 20
*Atk; 10
*Def; 9
*Special Attack; 12
*Special Defense; 13
*Speed; 13
Item/s: -

Pokétch: An advanced wrist device designed for trainers. This standard version is able to hold ten Apps at a time, call up to five registered contacts, tune into the regional radio broadcast, and runs off of a battery which is charged by walking.
Color: Pink.
Phone List: [You may register trainers here. You can do that by meeting them out in the RP and if they agree to your request, put there name down here.
Applications: [You start out with one, only after you get your app. There will be random people in the RP who will be appointed to give you the apps]

PokéDex (Feel free to remove the description) An invaluable tool for Pokemon Trainers. It contains information on every discovered Pokémon and some on Pokémon of legend. By simply pointing the device at a Pokémon, it gives background information on its habitat, activities in the wild, attacks, and method of evolution; at other times it gives other bits of information on the Pokémon's history or anatomy.
Poké Ball x5
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PostSubject: Re: Amalie Aurelius [Finished]   Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:16 am

Looks all done.

Approved by the all-mighty Felix!

=The Team=
Anja - Arlo - Mimmer
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PostSubject: Re: Amalie Aurelius [Finished]   Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:56 am



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PostSubject: Re: Amalie Aurelius [Finished]   

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Amalie Aurelius [Finished]
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