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 Jab Masterz

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PostSubject: Jab Masterz   Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:26 am


Name: Jab Masterz

Nickname: JP

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Height 6' 2''

Personality: Jab has two egos: kind and humorous, or serious and somewhat mean. His different personalities show up depending upon who he is around, and the situation he is in. The only thing that he fears in life is being consumed by the darkness. When he expresses himself he uses a lot of hand gestures or by his different stares. He also speaks confidently, and makes sure to speak clearly.
Unlike most teens, Jab makes sure to walk as if he owns the world. He mostly values his necklace (which was given to him by his best friend). He desires to travel to the bottom of the ocean and see what it looks like. He loves pizza and cheesecake, plus likes the color blue. He enjoys listening to punk rock, hip-hop, and modern rock. He dresses a little preppy, but at the same time he has some punk mixed in.

Position: Neutral

Date of Birth: October, 10


Comedy: Jab mostly says perverted; although he believes that everyone is equal
he can’t help blurting out “Kitchen+Women” jokes. He also loves making fun of everything: race, religion, etc. even his own race and religion.

Trainer Class: Boarder

Appearance: Jab likes to wear preppy clothes with some punk mixed in. He wears black shoes that have a skull on them. He wears glasses because of his bad vision, and the glasses morph so that they cover his eyes from sand/water/wind/etc. And his most prized position that he wears around his neck is his necklace; the necklace has two accessories made of silver: an ace card & a half circle that says “Homies”. On his left wrist he wears a silver watch, and on his right wrist he wears a wrist band that says “Never Give Up”. And he has his hover board strapped to his back.
He has black hair, which is mildly spiked up. His eyes are red, which tend to strike fear. Half of the time Jab will have a smirk on his face, and the other half of the time his face is completely serious. He has a scar that runs from the top of his nose to the middle of his left cheek. He is also a little bit muscular, but not much.

Traits: He excels in all of his core classes at school. He’s very talented when it comes to acting and techy things.

Home: Johto

Goal: Jab’s goal is to capture Arcticuno.

History: As a baby Jab showed promise of being a smart child. When he started elementary school he would be bored in his classes because he would finish his class work before everyone. There was one highlight to elementary school: his best friend Alastair. When he entered middle school he got lucky because there were advance classes, but he was still a little bored because he was more of an honors student. He continued to progress through middle and him and his friend still stayed best friends. When he finally reached high school he was up to speed with everything because he took all honors classes. After he had finished freshmen year he went on to take all AP classes so that he could challenge himself.
The only bad thing of sophomore year was when he was attacked by a band of kids that were looking for a fight (which is how he ended up with his scar). When the kids had finished him off, they left him on the ground to die. Alastair found him and carried him to the hospital; when Jab was released Alastair gave him a necklace with half a circle that said “Homies”. Alastair wore the other half of the circle around his neck; this half said “Forever”. After finishing high school both Jab & Alastair decided to enroll in the poke-academy. Being older students they were able to finish quicker.

Starter Pokémon

Breed: Charmander

Gender: Male

Type: Fire

Species: Lizard Pokémon

Level: 5

Ability: Blaze- When HP is below 1/3rd, Fire’s power increases to 1.5 times.

Personality: Brave

  • HP: 20
  • Atk: 12
  • Def: 10
  • Spec Atk: 12
  • Spec Def: 11
  • Spd: 11








Pokétch: An advanced wrist device designed for trainers. This standard version is able to hold ten Apps at a time, call up to five registered contacts, tune into the regional radio broadcast, and runs off of a battery which is charged by walking.
Color: Blue
Phone List:
  • Alastair Alburn


Poké Ball x5
Burning Incense (Made by PEPITO1O1O)

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PostSubject: Re: Jab Masterz   Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:30 am



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Jab Masterz
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