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 Roukostu Akane Wolffang

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PostSubject: Roukostu Akane Wolffang   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:40 am

Basic Character Information

Name: Roukostu Akane Wolffang
Age: 18 yrs old
Sex: Female
Personality: Roukostu is kind-hearted and motherly to anyone she meets, she isn't the type to ever let someone do something on her own, she hates it when people are cruel to pokemon or people, she'll do anything to protect them.
Position: Good
Date of Birth: 03-16-1992
Pokedollars: 1,000
Comedy: she loves to play around with her pokemon, and it's pretty funny, because she looks a bit childish.
Trainer Class: Pokemon Ranger
Roukostu has red hair, red eyes, tan skin, she's about "6'9", a very tall and atheletic woman for her height, but she does suffer from a irritating heart condition, she isn't truely able to reach full potential, but she still decides to do things out of her reach, she wear anything basically, but she loves to wear dark clothing, mostly punk the most.
Roukostu's style of clohting, and her hair, tan skin, and red eyes.
Home: Pueltown
Goal: to do anything she wants to do, to see the world.
History: Roukostu was born into a family of pokemon trainners, but instead of capturing pokemon, she liked to let them stay free in their environment, because of that she wanted to become a Pokemon Ranger, even though her family were heartbroken at first, but then they decided to get used to the idea, when she was old enough, they sent her to her grandmothers in Almia in order for her to attend Ranger School, a school for upcomming pokemon rangers. Roukostu spent her years in order to become a great pokemon ranger and when she did, she moved away from Vientown, to Pueltown, where she not only now resides and lives, but is able to help anyone in need.

Roukostu's first capture and her pokemon ally from then and now, was when she was sent to Shiver Camp to deal with a Riolu that liked to play tricks on people, once she did, she found herself being followed by it, it was then when she realized that the little Riolu wanted to become her partner, Roukostu being kind hearted immediately feel in love with the Riolu, and she even given it the nickname of Rio. Now both Roukostu and Rio work together to make sure that every person and pokemon is safe from dangers of any kind.

Breed: Emanation Pokémon
Nickname: Rio
Gender: Male
Type: fighting
Level: 5
Innate Attacks: quick attack, foresight, endure
Learned Attacks:
Item: N/A

Pokétch An advanced wrist device designed for trainers. This standard version is able to hold ten Apps at a time, call up to five registered contacts, tune into the regional radio broadcast, and runs off of a battery which is charged by walking.
Phone List: [You may register trainers here. You can do that by meeting them out in the RP and if they agree to your request, put there name down here.
Applications: [You start out with one, only after you get your app. There will be random people in the RP who will be appointed to give you the apps]
PokéDex (Feel free to remove the description) An invaluable tool for Pokemon Trainers. It contains information on every discovered Pokémon and some on Pokémon of legend. By simply pointing the device at a Pokémon, it gives background information on its habitat, activities in the wild, attacks, and method of evolution; at other times it gives other bits of information on the Pokémon's history or anatomy.
Poké Ball x5.
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PostSubject: Re: Roukostu Akane Wolffang   Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:46 am



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Roukostu Akane Wolffang
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