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 Places of Interest In Almia Region

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PostSubject: Places of Interest In Almia Region   Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:06 pm

Ranger School - Located east of Vientown.
Vien Forest - A lush forest north of Vientown.
Hippowdon Temple - A mysterious temple located north of Haruba Desert.
Crysta Cave - A rocky cave joining Union Road and Hia Valley.
Volcano Cave - A fiery cave located north of Boyleland.
Nabiki Beach - A sandy beach located west of Vientown.
Marine Cave - A small cave located off Nabiki Beach.
Chroma Road - A path linking Altru Park and Chroma Highlands.
Chroma Highlands - An area located east of Chroma Road.
Chroma Ruins - A dark cave located north of Chroma Highlands.
Hia Valley - A snowy area located west of Shiver Camp.
Ice Lake - A lake full of icebergs located north of Hia Valley.
Almia Castle - An icy castle located to the north of Ice Lake.
Cargo Ship - Team Dim Sun's ship initially located deep inside Volcano Cave.
Peril Cliffs - Dangerous cliffs located north of Union Road.
Union Road - A path linking the Ranger Union to Altru Park.
Altru Building - A sinister building located north of Altru Park.
Altru Tower - An even more sinister tower that is the location of the game's final storyline challenge.
Chicole Path - A path joining Vientown and Chicole Village.
Partner Farm - Located south of Chicole Village, this area is the place where the rest of your partner Pokémon hang out!
Haruba Desert - A desert located north of Haruba Village, normally amidst a sandstorm.
Boyleland - An island located to the east of Almia.
Oil Field Hideout - The secret base belonging to Team Dim Sun, located in the sea.
Sea of Wailord - A calm lake where Team Dim Sun has managed to capture a Wailord.
Puel Sea - A sea located near Sea of Wailord.
Ranger Union - The headquarters for Pokémon Rangers.
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Places of Interest In Almia Region
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