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 Turtwig - Sinnoh

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PostSubject: Turtwig - Sinnoh   Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:14 am

Turtwig is a Grass-type Pokémon.
It evolves into Grotle starting at level 18, who evolves into Torterra starting at level 32.

Turtwig's appearance is characteristic of a turtle or tortoise, and it is primarily light green in coloration. Its prominent, yellow-colored jawbone may denote a relationship to the snapping turtle. Its green and yellow body is covered by a shell. A small seedling grows on a brown-colored patch on its head, similar to the plant bulb on Bulbasaur's back and the leaf on Chikorita's head, the plant part revealing its Grass-type nature. The brown shell on its back has a thick black stripe and rim, and is apparently made of earth. The shell should feel moist on a healthy Turtwig. Turtwig’s eyes are yellow, as are its feet, and Turtwig’s tail is small.
Turtwig can utilize the sun in order to use moves like Synthesis and SolarBeam. Its rock hard shell provides great defense but reduces its speed. Turtwig receives a huge power boost to its Grass-type moves when it is weary from battle. Turtwig are also capable of many other Grass-type moves such as Razor Leaf and Giga Drain.
Turtwig is a Pokémon that tends to be non-violent. As a show of affection, some Turtwig have been known to chomp their trainer's head. The leaf on its head will wilt if it becomes thirsty. As a result, it lives in areas that are close to lakes.
Turtwig is also sometimes either shy and lazy, or outgoing and protective.
Turtwig are somewhat scarce in the wild. They're usually given to young Pokémon Trainers as a starter Pokémon by Professor Rowan. Turtwig can be found living along lakes in dense forests.
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Turtwig - Sinnoh
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