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 Treecko - Hoenn

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PostSubject: Treecko - Hoenn   Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:11 am

Treecko is a Grass-type Pokémon.
It evolves into Grovyle starting at level 16, who evolves into Sceptile starting at level 36.
Treecko is a small, green, bipedal reptilian Pokémon. Treecko's hands and feet each have three digits. Treecko has a large, dark green tail with two separate lobes, similar to the tail of a Wartortle. Its stomach and throat are red. Treecko has yellow eyes with long, skinny pupils. It also has a line across on its stomach resembling a pouch.
Treecko are able to scale walls with the aid of tiny spikes located in their hands and feet.
In addition to Treecko's arsenal of Grass-type moves, it is also capable of a few attacks that involve physical combat such as Quick Attack, Double Kick, and Aerial Ace. Treecko is also capable of knowing DragonBreath under certain circumstances.
Wild Treecko are very territorial, and will attack anyone that comes near their homes. Treecko never panic under any circumstances, even when faced with a bigger foe. It senses humidity with its tail to predict the next day's weather.
Treecko lives inside overgrown forests, and are are known to be the protectors of the forest's trees. However, Treecko is a bit of a rarity in the wild, and is more common in captivity. One is most likely to find them in Hoenn.
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Treecko - Hoenn
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